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What the experts say about Holy Crap cereal

kathy smart
“Gluten Free eating is all about finding a food that is both delicious AND nutritious. Holy CRAP has achieved both!”
Kathy Smart, Global News Health Correspondent, North America’s Gluten Free Expert, TV Show Host, Chef, Best Selling Author and Dr. Oz Guest

Charles Chen

“Holy Crap is Holy Amazing! Eating Holy Crap makes me feel energized, strong, and ready to go!”

Charles Chen, Passionate Chef, Wellness Pirate, Author, TV Host

Charlene SanJenko

“I get excited about finding new ways to use Holy Crap and Skinny B in recipes and meal ideas for my clients and the women in our PowHERhouse community. Flexible and nutritionally dense – SOLUTION focused fuel for busy women looking to stay strong, energetic and powHERful!”

Charlene SanJenko, Author, Speaker, Founder PowHERhouse Living

lisa cantkier

“As a celiac with specific nutritional needs, I really enjoy the versatility of Holy Crap Cereal for breakfast and as a snack, as it provides the power of superfood nourishment and tastes delicious.”

Lisa Cantkier, Nutritionist and Founder of GlutenFreeFind.com, your key Gluten-Free Directory


“I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with Holy Crap cereal. It contributes to a healthful digestive tract, has high levels of essential amino and fatty acids, has no added sugars and tastes great! Holy Crap provides a kick of fiber, essential fatty acids and protein.”

Erika Weissenborn, B.Sc., FNH, CHN for Holy Crap Cereal


“I am having a difficult time thinking of a diet these cereals would not fit. I can’t promise you that your whole day will go perfectly but I can recommend the perfect way to start it- Holy Crap and Skinny B cereals!”

Carol Kicinski, Founder, Simply Gluten Free Magazine


“Be a Qualitarian. Learn to make better quality choices for a healthier life. Add Holy Crap and Skinny B to your grocery list, too.”

Ashly Koff, RD

What our Facebook fans say about Holy Crap cereal

Facebook Customer Testimonials

What our customers say about Holy Crap cereal

Your Holy Crap product is wonderful, I first saw it on Dragon’s Den. It took me a while to fine it I finally found it in Sobey’s in Aurora. At first the price scared me off, but decided to try it anyway. I have had Bowel problems and a white tongue most of my life. After using Holy Crap for just over a month on cereal, my tongue is almost clear and my bowel problems have definitely improved. I am 72 and I just accepted the fact that I had problems with bowels and a white tongue, but thanks to Holy Crap that seems to be coming to an end. Thanks Holy Crap. Carole Allen

I suffered from IBS for over 25 years. My 23-year old daughter was going the same route I was re the IBS. We had both tried everything under the sun with no relief whatsoever. Then my partner brought home a package of Holy Crap and said “here, try this. It might help.” Neither my partner nor I had any idea what a profound difference it would make to my life and consequently to my daughters life. For everyone’s sake I won’t go into details but we have gone from suffering and doctors visits to being absolutely symptom free. I have no symptoms. My daughter has no symptoms. Thankfully, due to your product, my daughters suffering was far shorter time wise than mine was and thankfully we have both found relief through a great tasting food rather than a drug. I can not thank you enough for the profound change you have made to our lives.

Have been using Holy Crap since I saw the episode on Dragons’ Den. I try not to put processed foods into my body and feel much better for it. Holy Crap is a perfect way to start off a day. I’ve recommended it to family members as well.

I have two kids with Auto Immune diseases. To eat healthy is more important then ever; like whole grain foods, veggies, very little meat and dairy. I am always looking for ideas on cooking and nutrition. Love Holy Crap cereal I incorporate it into recipes as well as on my yogurt and fruit.

Going gluten/wheat free improved my asthma and Holy Crap has been an awesome gluten-free healthier addition to my diet, all while supporting a local business – thank you for Holy Crap!

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year and this forced me to make some good changes in my diet and lifestyle. For the planet, I try to drive less and walk more and to buy local produce from a family owned local business. And I try to buy Canadian made items which is very hard to do since there are fewer made in Canada things. For me, I am eating more vegetables and healthy carbs – like Holy Crap- on porridge or in yogurt- and cutting way back on white carbs.

I never used to eat breakfast in the morning, then I saw Holy Crap on Dragons Den and decided to give it a shot on yogurt in the mornings. My energy level was low and I was tired all the time. Since starting to put Skinny B in my yogurt and berries every morning I now have the energy to make it through the day. Skinny B had given me the boost I need. Thank you for developing such a wonderful energy food.

My niece introduced me to being vegan and I introduced her to Holy Crap cereal:) Not only do we feel healthier everyday, we are happy to not leave such a big footprint on the world. Thanks for the healthy cereal and great recipes!

Started eating Holy Crap and walking my dog twice a day… After suffering with IBS for many years, the change in how I feel has been incredible! Small, easy lifestyle changes combined with eating better has made a world of difference!

Since I have been eating Holy Crap everyday, my blood glucose levels have stabilized and I feel awesome.

Holy Crap says it all. And now it’s a better world.

Holy Crap is a staple in my diet and I love it. As I write I’m consuming a new addition to my Holy Crap regime – Mary Jane – on cereal, yogurt and in salads and whatever else that I can think of. At 83 I’ve never felt better – thank you for helping me to feel well enough to exercise 3x a week and to try to inspire others to eat well – live well.

After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes two years ago I knew it was time to make serious changes in my diet. At that same time I first became aware of the HapiFoods products and decided to try them as part of my get healthier plan. Since then, along with eliminating most sugar, I enjoy my oatmeal with Skinny B (my favorite) and fresh fruit every morning resulting in a loss of 80 lbs and according to my Doctor Rock Star results in maintaining my blood sugar. I know it’s the great start to my day that has helped me accomplish this.

I am a Farmers Market fanatic and buy fresh ALWAYS. Just the thought of putting fresh, unprocessed food into your body makes a world of difference. I love Holy Crap with my fruit and yogurt every morning. YUM!

Healthier food choices, such as Holy Crap and Skinny B have gave me more energy and I am back on exercising regularly. Yeah!

If we really want to make healthful, permanent changes in our eating habits, then it is important to do this little by little over time. Healthy eating will help you take control of your health. I feel great and very happy. Living a Healthy Live with Holy Crap.

I was introduced to Holy Crap by a friend from work and decided to try it. In less than a week I felt less bloated, more regular and because of that, more happier. I’ve mixed the Fun Pack in a large jar and enjoy it every morning with yogurt, it’s great stuff!

Eating a heavily plant-based diet (while using meat only as a condiment) has helped myself and my husband to rid ourselves of constant sinus congestion which has plagued us for years. I, being lactose intolerant have used alternate milks for years. I have just been recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2, and am even more eager to take the final step to becoming a vegan. Holy Crap cereal still remains one of the joyful things in my diet!

Holy Crap is amazing! I use it as nourishment when I work 16-hour days on set in the film industry. It sustains my energy levels and also keeps the drains running on time! This is very helpful because my biological rhythms get very mixed up when I work multiple shifts all week long, ending with a graveyard shift on Saturday morning. Thank you for creating this product! I’m really attached to it.

I just finished my first bowl full of Holy Crap and it’s yummy! I’m sure you hear that a lot and I just thought I would let you know.

I love Holy Crap with yogurt – I make it at home and by the time I get to work it is ready to go

It is so good I had to make Holy Crap twice as my little daughter kept on eating mine.

My best friend told me to buy Holy Crap and I did…I just love it !

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